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I never thought I'd need to know the plural of "apocalypse".

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Birthdate:Aug 20
Location:Port Orchard, Washington, United States of America
My given name is "Charles". "Charlie" is a tuna, "Chuck" is a steak, "Chaz" is a cologne, and "Chucky" is a demonic puppet.

My name is Charles.

Notice of Intent to Display Hit-And-Run Comments

There is a style of commenting that I call "hit and run" commenting, whereby the commenter posts a comment to a person's LiveJournal and then immediately deletes it. I have usually seen this used when the comment is a nasty remark, something the commenter wouldn't want to have posted for public view but nonetheless wished the original poster to receive in email. It's like sniping from the bushes.

I reserve the right to repost, at my discretion, in part or in their entirety and with attribution, any comments thus sent. It's something I completely despise; it rarely happens to me (thank goodness), but has happened fairly recently to some friends of mine, which brings about this notice. If a person posts a comment to my LiveJournal, I reserve the right to ensure that it stays posted so that others may see it. If that person subsequently deletes it, I reserve the right to repost the comment in part or in whole. Anyone who doesn't agree has the right not to post or comment to me in my LiveJournal. You explicitly agree, by commenting in my journal, that my intent to preserve and display your comment as stated above does not in any way constitute a violation of law, of ethics, or of LiveJournal's Terms of Service.

This doesn't apply to anybody who corrects factual, stylistic, spelling or grammar errors and then reposts. It's designed to stop hit-and-run nastygrams for which the poster does not intend to take public responsibility; I'm going to give the responsibility where it is due.

Posting a comment in my LiveJournal constitutes acceptance of my terms described above.

I'm a polytheistic polymath, trying to draw a map of the Road Less Traveled. On January 1, 2003, I became engaged to riverheart; our courtship was a whirlwind of delight, and we must have known each other in many prior lives— how else could we have become so close so quickly? We handfasted on August 9, 2003, and married on January 31, 2004.

I read almost incessantly— "hard" science, mystery and adventure, and science-fiction comprise the bulk of my library, but on my shelves you'll find almost everything from Gibran to Galbraith, or Hawkings to Hawthorne.

In case of emergency, my personal information can be found in this entry. This journal entry is currently on my "Family" filter. I hereby give full and complete permission for any LiveJournal user on that filter and/or any LiveJournal administrator to access and use this information to ensure my safety or search for me if I am missing.
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